Valentine’s Day in China

The equivalent to Valentine’s Day in China is on August 17 (July 7 on the old calendar) when people write love letters to each other, and offer each other gifts.

In 2018, online travel orders increased by +40% over this period, flower sales by around +6%, and platinum jewelry by +225%. * (data from Jindon and Meitan, a transport subsidiary of the TABOA e-commerce site)

The most popular products cost an average of 1000-2000 Yuan (about 150 to 350 euros) and are wallets, jewels, watches or smartphones for couples in their thirties and flowers, cosmetics, tech goods for people in their twenties.

Several events are organized offline and online on this day. On the Taobao site, an express delivery service in less than 3 hours for flower delivery was organized for this occasion. Coupons are also distributed. Overall it is a great opportunity not to be missed!

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