Being active on the right social network service can help you connect with customers more directly and build a closer more interactive relationship with them. In Asia, SNS are used differently and some of them are specific to some countries. Choosing the right one and creating qualified campaigns and actions can help your brand gets better results and awareness in this area of the world.

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Account management

We manage your social media accounts in Asia. By working hand in hand with you, from your account creation to posting, content strategy and creation to ads. 

We also provide insights with analysis and reports on your performance and reputation.

We can recommend the best social media platform depending on your needs and goals.

Campaign running

We run your specific marketing campaigns targeting the Asian markets. We can work on the concept creation as well as the content strategy and production.

We do a full analysis on the campaign to measure results and achievements. 

These campaigns can link online and offline, as we noticed that phygital events have a deeper impact on consumers.

@johnyuyi Instagram

@johnyuyi Instagram

Influencer marketing

We identify key influencers in Asia in your industry and connect your brand to the best influencer for your needs.

We then work on content strategy and creation for the campaign intended with the influencer.

We take care of the management and follow up of the partnership to make sure you get the best in terms of image and results.

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