Brand Content

Having the right content that represents your brand’s DNA is essentiel to attract your best audience. You need to be able to bring awareness to your story while sharing your values and mission. When creating content for Asia, you also need to take into account local people’s taste, habits and preferences. It is a matter of finding the right balance between your global message and a local approach. 

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In Paris or any big Asian city, we showcase your products in the city or provide you with city ambiance shots to be used in your marketing campaigns or on social media.

Each session is dedicated to your brand and each photo is taken for you exclusively.

Short videos

Under 60s – we produce short videos that can be used as marketing campaigns or stories for your social media. We also produce videos based on your existing content (photos).  

Each video is though and made especially for your brand. 

© Vivi magazine

© Vivi magazine


Traduction of your current website into your chosen Asian language. 

Transcreation of articles or landing page into your chosen Asian language.

Design of infographics and illustrations.

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