Wether you need insights for your international growth or you want to get some inspiration from what is done in Asia,  it is always good to stay in touch with what is happening abroad. This knowledge can be the key to your success and make you stand out in a very competitive market.


How about getting some relevant insights ?! We can do an analysis of your competitive landscape on the Asian market of your choice. And we offer strategic advice and solutions to increase your brand awareness and digital presence for better traffic, brand recognition and sales across different markets.

Industry reports

Knowledge is a strength and being on top of your industry is always a must. That’s why we provide industry reports on Asian market trends. We bring you insights on several retail industries going from beauty to fashion. We also study promotion and communication done in Asia and applied on physical retail or online.


Because real life is good we like to do workshops where we meet real people and take the time to dig into one specific area of the overseas trend or social media industry. We can talk about a specific area that you are interested in or more general trends like Line or BtoB in Japan. Contact us if you would like to organize a workshop with us !

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