Choco Love

Did you plan to offer flowers or a perfume to your love for Valentine’s Day ?

Well, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is a little different. It is a day when only women offer chocolates to men.

These chocolates are offered to

1. a boyfriend or lover (HONMEI CHOKO),

2. other men in your entourage, especially in the office (GIRI CHOKO),

3. male friends (TOMO CHOKO),

4. yourself (MY CHOKO).

The Valentine’s Day market in Japan, is estimated at about 130 trillion yen. Even if the market is down 6% compared to the previous year, we see a lot of Japanese and foreign brands targeting this holiday to make special packaging, products and campaigns. The prices of these chocolates can vary between 1000 Yen – 20000 Yen (between 7 and 150 euros) and the trend of the last few years is to indulge and offer yourself a luxury box of chocolates.

Chocolate makers like Pierre Marcolini or Jean-Paul Hevin are among the luxury chocolate brands that Japanese people are mad about. Japanese buyers often go to chocolate trade shows to find unique and original creations for Valentine’s Day.

The shelves for Valentine’s Day are ready from mid-January and the 2019 trend is : Rose and Ruby chocolates.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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