welcome to Bineex Digital !

If you like contemporary contents, pop colors and fun, original ideas, then you are at the right place. 

We have a dual culture, French and Japanese, and are inspired by marketing strategies from Asia. We know how brands market themself effectively in that part of the world and help them not only develop their digital presence but also create real life strategies to meet and connect with their customers. 

With our large network of local partners and experience, we will share with you all our recipes to successfully market your company in Asia. 

We believe in the power of :


What seems normal for a local person, could be an unknown experience for a foreigner. 

It is important to understand the cultural values and preferences of each country in order to make a successful campaign.


Contents is what defines your brand success.

Finding the right words and images require a deep knowledge of the market.

We can help you structure your content to generate higher results.


In general, occidental countries use a direct language where Asian countries prefer a non-direct expression.

Communication styles are different and have to be used appropriately in each country.


Social Media platforms also differ from one country to another.

In China, Wechat is king, when in Korea, Kakao is favored and in Japan, Line is preferred.

It is important to be able to reach the right audience through the right platform.

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